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nice memories and i remember spending my time with my dad, the learning and knowledge i get from him. wonder why these sports are still existing, maybe because of commraderee or its just becoming a successor of our masters..


wow lots of fun indeed. i wish i could become a champion someday...


i've always wanted to shoot sabong aside from horse racing here...

haven't had the chance even if there's a cockfight every sunday enar my girlfriend's place

will do so one of these days :)

nice photos really



nice series! I've always wanted to shoot sabong :p


whoa! great fight shots tito sidney!


nice shots sidney! i like the blur in those cocks fighting. tfs.

19 Seconds Of Spring

Stunning work Sidney... Great series, 3rd and 5th are my favourites!

Ashish Sidapara

Love the action shots and as always your story has been awesome!


Amazing series. This is something that I'm sure I'll never see in person.


AMAZING set of shots! You take some stunning street photographs and make them look so easy ... they are very difficlut to compose ... but you make them look so very easy!


The third and 5th photos loos great! love the motion and intensity there!


The photography on these are quite remarkable. They show the action involved quite well. Very journalistic in your approach. Nicely done.


wow! i've always wanted to have a picture of a cockfight.


Wow! Those last two are action-packed shots!


tremendous images; you've caught the vicious speed of the fight, and the intensity of the observers faces, brilliantly. How did you manage to get such good seat at ringside?


Great pictures of the gamecocks fighting.

The arena looked so intense! I wonder what is it like to experience the whole game --- live. Must be teriffic .. Mmm.


eric aka senor enrique

I'm not a fan of cockfights, but these are great shots. How come the rest of the pics didn't load?


wohoo!!! cockfight! I missed the arena. I used to go with my grandpa to a cockfight some sundays when I was a child... This brings back memories.


When I look at these photographs, I cannot prevent myself from thinking of the engagements between human. Even violence, even bétise. These cocks which fight, know they why they fight? The men who are made the war, know they why they commit war?


Sidney, who won in this battle? The grounder or the flier? I have to say this, you are an amazing photographer and quite journalistic in your approach to reporting but I still feel strongly against this sport and quite surprisingly, especially after I left. When I lived in the Philippines, it did not seem to bother me - some chickens fight, men get excited, win or lose money, some chickens get killed and then you eat them. No big deal.


To Rayts: Yes, there is an entrance fee. I paid 40 pesos in the countyside and 100 pesos in Manila. I don't think there is a fixed price. It depends on the operator/owner of the cockpit and the location of the cockpit. Village versus big city.
No women. The only women I saw are outside the arena and they are the ladies selling food, drinks and cigarettes.
You should go there and do some gambling... I am sure you will make a sensation. ;-)


oops forgot the ID details

the interpretation of the Filipino motto--For God, People, Nature, and Country--is always brought out in rich detail in your series Sidney


wow...awesome shots...really exciting and power action movement:-))


so did you pay for an entrance fee to get inside? i've always asked my father to tag me along everytime he goes to this place on a Sunday but he makes up stories that would change my mind (exagerating ones). Sydney, are there women there? *just curious*

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